Stellar Proxies is a residential IP bandwidth provider. Our unmatched residential IP quality, speed, and uptime make us the #1 residential proxy provider.

Stellar Proxies allows customers to access accurate online content that would otherwise be restricted, blocked, or modified.

Some use cases include:

  • High Volume Web Scraping

    Use automation for market research, business intelligence, and data collection without having to be worried about getting throttled or blocked

  • Ad Verification

    Ideal for both publishers and advertisers. Advertisers can understand where their ads are being served with more transparency, while publishers can see exactly what sort of ads are being served on their site in any geo-location

  • Price Comparison

    Many online retailers modify and increase/decrease pricing for a number of reasons. With Stellar Proxies you will have access to unparalleled accuracy when it comes to price comparison

  • Sneaker Shopping

    Many online retailers have strict restrict geo location and amount of orders. With Stellar Proxies, you won’t be blocked and have a better chance for purchasing the sneakers you’ve been wanting

  • QA Testing

    Test and measure how your site or application performs from various different locations all around the world

To put it simply. No. Endpoints, targets, and websites will only see the residential IP generated from one of our exit nodes. Because this appears as a normal HTTP request with no proxy identifiers, it is not likely that the endpoint can identify you or your tooling as a proxy user.

We have over 150 countries available including every major country.

We offer 2 options. One option will change IPs with every request, the other option will keep a persistent IP for as long as you need.

We currently accept PayPal, credit, and debit cards.

We have over 10 million IPs globally.